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Wichita Falls Jellystone Parkissa kunnostetaan


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Wichita Falls Jellystone Park (Texas) will undergo massive upgrades as the award-winning resort transition to a Yogi Bear and friends-themed destination.

According to a report from the Times Record News, the campground resort will add bigger and better larger attractions and activities for all the guests to enjoy.

December last year, Northgate Resorts, which had recently bought the campground, decided to re-partner with the Jellystone franchise.

The campground has received numerous awards throughout the years and, most recently, the 2021 best large campground of the year from the Texas Association of Campground Owners

Jellystone features more than 75 camping resorts across both the United States and Canada. Northgate Resorts, a company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a fleet of cabin and RV resorts throughout the United States, including 18 Jellystone locations.

Jellystone is famous for its glamping-style accommodation, fun activities in the company of Yogi Bear characters, as well as non-stop activities for families during the main season.

The improvements will come in two phases, with the first phase scheduled to be completed before Memorial Day 2023.

Phase one will include 50 more RV sites located northwest of the property. There is also the massive splash pad, amphitheater, renovation to the chapel and grand lodge, new restrooms, security check, and basketball courts.

Upgrades will also include new appliances, decor, and amenities for many cabins and the demolition of old barns and animal habitats.

The second phase will comprise another 50 RV sites and several additional camping sites close to the pond,  housekeeping facility, and a new bathhouse.

The construction process at Jellystone Wichita Falls is carefully designed to avoid any disruption to the experience of guests as it progresses. The campground will not be closed at any time during the construction.

Visitors can rent RV sites, cabins, or campgrounds for nightly rentals or long-term rentals. The chapel, as well as other venues with stunning views, are available for rent for weddings and family reunions, as well as other events.

While the campground is open all year long, Yogi Bear and the other characters are in “hibernation” for the winter and are only available for activities during this time on weekends.

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