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Stonham Barns Parkin useiden miljoonien päivitykset vierailijoiden kysynnän tyydyttämiseksi


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Stonham Barns Park, a local holiday park north of Ipswich (United Kingdom) that has been welcoming guests for over two decades, is carrying out a multi-million-pound upgrade to keep up with the increasing visitor numbers.

As per a report, Stonham Barns Park is rolling out its revamp during the autumn and into the spring of 2023.

Known for its award-winning Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, the park has recently upgraded its front visitor entrance with the new monochrome frontage presenting a more contemporary welcome to visitors.

The 140-acre property draws guests from all over the country and offers a variety of onsite facilities, including a cafe, restaurant, golf center, sports bar, fishing lakes, and a retail village.

Keith Forward, director of the park’s parent company Starglade Leisure, said Stonham Barns Park is emerging as a perfect destination for visitors from all over the UK and Europe.

“We are developing some new facilities that work in synergy with our surroundings to enhance the visitor experience and will be unveiling some of these in the months ahead,” Forward added.

Forward highlighted that Stonham Barns aims to be a place for locals to visit to relax, for visitors to stay and play, and for businesses to come for corporate events and activities.

Stonham Barns Holiday Park features a family-friendly camping experience and caravanning within the serene Suffolk Countryside, offering guests the ideal holiday destination. 

Stonham Barns Holiday Park welcomes all types of caravans, motorhomes, tents, trailer tents, and even tipis. There are grass pitches and options to have with or without electricity, plus a host of onsite holiday park facilities.

Tämä tarina alunperin ilmestyi East Anglian Daily Times. Suositeltu kuva kohteesta Stonham Barns Park.

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