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NSW National Parks näyttää Macleay Coast Destination Plan


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The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service solicits comments regarding The Macleay Coast Destination draft master plan, which is on public display.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Director for the North Coast Russell Madeley said the master plan would outline improvements to the variety and quality of experiences available on the menu within Arakoon National Park and Hat Head National Park.

“The project will include a revitalization of the Trial Bay campground, including new walking tracks, picnic shelters, and upgraded access roads, amenities, and campsites,” Madeley said.

“At Little Bay, new family-friendly walking and bike paths along with upgraded visitor facilities will revive this precinct as a favored location for family gatherings.”

He said that it was likely that Cardwell Street beach access would become the main draw for day-trippers in the future, along with better parking facilities and amenities.

They’re also planning to respond to the growing demands for bushwalking by developing a coastal trail that runs in the area between Trial Bay and Smoky Cape and will give breathtaking views of the coastline.

“Public exhibition of this draft master plan provides an opportunity for members of the community to have their say on the proposed works… We look forward to hearing community feedback on this master plan,” Madeley said.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is dedicated to modernizing and improving the facilities for visitors to these parks to improve the experience for visitors and residents alike.

Plans include the construction of walking trails and shelters. They also plan to build amenities blocks and improved access roads to Trial Bay. Trial Bay campground.

Then, at Little Bay, enhanced facilities, as well as new, family-friendly walking bicycle trails, will revive this beloved precinct, which is the preferred location for gatherings with family.

Bushwalkers will be delighted over the prospect of a stunning new coastal walk that connects Little Bay and Smoky Cape.

This initiative will help enhance the region’s visitor economy by offering new, nature-based, and heritage-based activities that encourage tourists to spend longer time in the area and increase the appeal of the Macleay Coast as a year-round destination.

The Macleay Coast Destination masterplan will be displayed publicly until January 10, 2023. Parties interested in providing written feedback by making an online submission on the NSW Government’s “Have you say” page.

They can also email the feedback to [sähköposti suojattu] or sending it via mail with the following details:

Manager, North Coast Branch, NPWS

PO Box 1236

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450.

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